Rev. Eugene A. McLoughlin Memorial Scholarship Fund

Dennis Casey presenting a check to University

In 1983, The Galway Men’s S. & B. Association of New York unanimously decided to establish a memorial worthy of the inspirational example of their late Chaplain, Rev. Eugene A. McLoughlin, in the form of a scholarship to University College, Galway, leading to a Bachelor of Arts Degree, and a Higher Diploma in Education, to which the University has consented.

Father McLoughlin was well known in the United States for his gentleness and his piety, and, also an enthusiast in Gaelic Matters. He displayed a keen interest in the preservation of Irish Nationalism and Culture, especially in his work of reorganizing the Feis, which, popularized the song lore of his race, bringing some of Ireland’s loveliest folk songs to the attention of music lovers everywhere.

The Association, and President Mr. Denis Casey, established this trust fund with all net profits accruing from the Association’s October 31 Ball at the Manhattan Center, New York City.

The plaque still stands today in the University – reminding students and future generations of the achievements of a distinguished Galway Man.

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