The Galway Association of New York was founded as the Galway Men’s Social & Benevolent Association in 1881 as a direct result of the visit to the United States of the great Dominican preacher Fr. Thomas Burke of Galway City.

Fr. Burke came to the United States in answer to the compelling pleas of America’s Irish led by his fellow Galway man Patrick Ford.  The morale and spirits of the Irish in New York and elsewhere in the United States were at a low point as a result of the virulent anti-Irish propaganda and lies spawned by the British historian James Froude.  While in New York, Fr. Burke met several times with a loosely organized group of active Galway-born New Yorkers.  He urged the group to organize formally, draft a constitution and by-laws, and meet regularly to work together for the common good for the Irish in New York.  His advice was heeded and shortly before he returned to Ireland, Fr. Burke was installed as the Association’s first Chaplain and declared the Association’s “founder” at the first general meeting of the newly born organization.  Patrick Ford was the first president of the Galway Association of New York.

The Galway Association of New York meetings take place on the third Friday of every month.  Membership is $20 annually.