Since the founding of the Galway Hurling and Football clubs of N.Y. at the beginning of the last century a very close alliance existed between them and the Galway Men’s S & B Association as it was known back then. The Association realized early on that it was just as important to keep the games of the Gael alive and functioning as it was to preserve the culture and heritage of their native land. In those years New York City had a large population of Irish immigrants, and athletic activity was important for the young generation as well as the social and entertainment value it provided for thousands so distant from their native land. Many Galway men who were members of the Association were also members of the Hurling and Football clubs and held top positions in both organizations down through the years. A number of Galway men held the position of President of the Gaelic Athletic Association (G.A.A.)

During the lean years of the thirties when there was a genuine fear that the G.A.A. might fold, the Galway Association recognized that the Hurling & Football clubs were an essential part of their own existence; it provided equipment, encouragement and generous financial support to these clubs down through and upto recent years. In the early nineteen sixties the Connemara Gaels Football club was formed, and it went on to great success, winning Senior and Junior championships over a forty year period until a large drop in emigration had a detrimental effect.

Please review the attached photographs of the many hurling and football teams that go back many years. Not all players are identified, so we would like to hear from you if you can identify any and also if you have any comments or suggestions.